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Tsumugi Kotobuki Fuwa Fuwa Time! ver. CF2009 Day 2

Posted by spoonknifefork on January 8, 2010

Pictures randomly grabbed from Fagcebook

let the pics do the talking

We were lacking Annie who was already cosplaying Yukimura *the loli ver btw* >w> sooo we had to ‘borrow’ Angie ahah. Thanks for being our Yui with us! :3 Much appreciated.

T_T;; I’m not satisfied on how my dress turned out to be..and really D: Why only Mugi’s dress is Green and not black/red/white like the rest?!!!

Will be doing a photoshoot with the girls =A= which I don’t know when they want to do it. =/ But I guess I can redo the dress by replacing the ruffles with lace >_< and my bolero coat was done wrongly orz. Also the cutting has to be redone especially for my chest part =/ By the end off the day my chest kept poking out from the top…UGH

-stabs self-

Thanks to Reika tho for helping me trim my wig fringe on the spot using a box cutter! >o</

One Response to “Tsumugi Kotobuki Fuwa Fuwa Time! ver. CF2009 Day 2”

  1. Felix said

    Nais Nais!!! haha.. owh.. is so sweet seeing 4 of you there.. don’t know is lacking who tho.. is it azu-nyan?? and how am i suppose to follow your blog?? is there any “follow” button?? XD

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