honestly speaking,its just rubbish here

..What I was doing when I had no access to decent interwebs :P

Posted by spoonknifefork on January 23, 2010

So you see.

New area = lack off phone line/decent coverage even for DiGi line for me. 😡 So as usual the best option is obviously Screamtreamyx. But that takes awhile considering the place I’m at…the address doesn’t even exist in directories and if you were to google map it. Its still an empty spot off land shown on the satellite cameras. Haha.

To kill time I had my trusty NDS playing…

I find the cover art for the Japanese version much appealing than the English one.

Meh.One off them cinematics which I never got. Must play again…=w=

Lux Pain as I should say..is a PAIN IN THE ASS to play.Esp when you are trying to smack some worms/silences out and continuously stabbing the poor touch screen with your stylus. Apparently when I got to play this game I had no idea what it was. Talk about blind playing really. But what I did know is that it has this ‘dating sim’ appeal somewhat….yeah like Persona. Seriously I got the ending I would’ve preferred.

Or maybe I’m just bias and I like Rui Yamase alot. Blonde ,tanned and megane wearing. Bonus points is that her glasses is Red. Love.

I would’ve have to replay it again …if I felt like it. Heh.

Another one would be…should I say it. Pokemon Diamond….checking from my save file the time I started the game was during February 2008. Now its Jan 2010…..how awesome is that. You can tell I once again have a very blank/no idea how or where I stopped. Talk about very bad memory meh….

I’ve been surviving on using MSN live provided by DiGi from my phone rly. I guess I was going insane with the lack off talking (Dad and me don’t talk much and I don’t usually have much to say to him) and my recently acquired Ps3 Slim (which my Dad bought =_= after some stupid argument during end off the year…so count it as a belated xmas and apology present. Man..am I ‘spoiled’). Playing Little Big Planet is fun..but …..obviously frustrating considering once u finish most off the maps…you need to go online and what not. MEH


I decided to finish play Okami on my PS2. :DDDD *LOLS* Worth it really.

As for cosplaying? 🙂 I only have one set plan for GACC which will be on the 20 and 21st of March. Hope Estheim from FF13.

Yeah yeah...another Shota. FML

Yes. Crossplaying…..D: likewise I’m retiring ‘earlier’ from Cosplaying and go fully on Crossplaying by then. MEH.

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