honestly speaking,its just rubbish here

Oh, blondes.

Posted by spoonknifefork on April 18, 2010

After much thought…I realized most off my cosplays/crossplays as off recent has been mostly ..blondes..blondes…BLONDES...aaa….

Simple Checklist!

Yukari Yakumo/Touhou Project

  • Parasol – found! waiting for seller to reply
  • Costume – quotation received. Time to start rising funds for it.
  • Shoes – recycling my red pumps from my Hina Ichigo
  • Wig- recycle Tsumugi wig.Depending on mood. o-o;;

Tsumugi Kotobuki (LISTEN! ED version)/K-ON!!

  • wig – RECYCLE
  • Navy hat – to be looked around
  • Skirt – completed
  • Shoes – White pumps. To lookout for them..(esp when its so damn hard to find my size –; )
  • jacket – to scourage around. Or I might need to make it aih.
  • inner shirt – bought. But might end up making myself again huh.

=A=;; Not to mention the fact I still have petty debts lying around =_=;; huff.

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