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Hey there!~

Posted by spoonknifefork on June 13, 2010

😉 Thanks for stopping by

If you were redirected from my old blog ‘Denied Contents’ do take note that blog has been long gone abandoned as I’ve actually left blogspot.

Sorry about that : ( but it was a must as I found that blogger was quite unfriendly to me so hence the change/switch!

This blog will now be solely used for Cosplay Related/Doujin/Craft/Photography related and the likes ^^

Thanks for coming by and thanks for supporting my friend’s booth ‘Eliptical Shadow’ at Primetime Bazaar!

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Posted by spoonknifefork on March 2, 2010



…so that means I’m not online most off the time….well….when I’m working that is HEH.

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..What I was doing when I had no access to decent interwebs :P

Posted by spoonknifefork on January 23, 2010

So you see.

New area = lack off phone line/decent coverage even for DiGi line for me. 😡 So as usual the best option is obviously Screamtreamyx. But that takes awhile considering the place I’m at…the address doesn’t even exist in directories and if you were to google map it. Its still an empty spot off land shown on the satellite cameras. Haha.

To kill time I had my trusty NDS playing… Read the rest of this entry »

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Tsumugi Kotobuki Fuwa Fuwa Time! ver. CF2009 Day 2

Posted by spoonknifefork on January 8, 2010

Pictures randomly grabbed from Fagcebook

let the pics do the talking

We were lacking Annie who was already cosplaying Yukimura *the loli ver btw* >w> sooo we had to ‘borrow’ Angie ahah. Thanks for being our Yui with us! :3 Much appreciated.

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9 Days to CF09

Posted by spoonknifefork on December 10, 2009

Somehow I’m not also keen to cosplay for either days sigh. >_<;;

Kinda killjoy rly. Cirno costume ain’t sure if I got the time to style and cut the blardy wig. T_T Haven’t paid for it either oTL

Even my Tsumugi wig isn’t trimmed as off yet…and I still HAVE to finish my doujin stuff oTL.


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