honestly speaking,its just rubbish here

Dot Dot Dot Cirno @ CF09

Posted by spoonknifefork on December 21, 2009

note to self.

Never cosplay when you are obviously dead tired. Have the wrong blouse and your eyebags and wigs are going to be beyond help….and learn to angle.

somehow 8D failing! a Baka..is beyond..help too!

8D so please to intro you. Fail!Baka :DDDDDDDDDD

*rolls around amused*

there was suppose to be a Touhou group that day …D: but..none off them appeared. I was fooled. =w=;

2 Responses to “Dot Dot Dot Cirno @ CF09”

  1. Krusty said

    That sucks those asses bailed on you. Would’ve been awesome to see a shot with a Letty Whiterock or something.

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